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Before establishment: Discussion for years to secure marketing competitiveness of companion animals and eco-friendly businesses - Research on establishment of a cooperative


Established: Established Bow and Meow cooperative (5 unions)

Marketing: Participation in small business collaboration activation project


Education: Visiting European advanced cooperatives-France, Italy

Marketing: "OhmyCompany" crowdfunding-Tundra detergemts

Marketing: Documentary broadcast on the establishment process of the Bow and Meow cooperative-OBS win win and Challenge


Participated in the market support project of small business market

Network: Joined the Seongnam Cooperative Association

               Join the national cooperative network


Marketing: Participated in KOTRA export support project

                  Participated in promotional events in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Zhengzhou, China

Network: National cooperative network permanent store establishment project



Union: Membership increase (2)

Marketing: Launched a new companion animal product (Bifidus lactobacillus nutritional supplement)

                  Health functional food - "Baron" Germinated grain launched

Network: Plan to establish and operate a companion animal culture center with local governments &start a new job creation business

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