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What is a cooperative?

Why are we trying to be a cooperative?


   Cooperatives, which are somewhat unfamiliar in Korea as a form of business, are actually a community culture that our ancestors have been familiar with for a long time. It was a community culture and a way of life that had been created and enjoyed in a wise way to live life as a community such as Gye, Hyangyak, and Doure. In addition, the Hwabaek Conference to collect various opinions of community members was actually a people who had for hundreds of years already had a democratic decision-making system in modern cooperatives and a decision-making system that determined the way of life as a master. 

We have not been able to adapt quickly in the modern society, and for more than a hundred years in recent years, we have experienced various systems for a really short period of time, such as democracy, communism, militarism, and imperialism, and we are increasingly learning better ways of life on our own. Even if it became the basis for making it stronger, it would not be an overinterpretation.
 The many pains that we experienced in the process are still the cause of dividing our country and causing confrontation, but it feels like we are gradually awakening our unknown potential as we experience the recent corona crisis. Cooperatives can be a way to heal the limitations of the capitalist model that has enabled compressed growth in recent decades and revive our forgotten community culture.


Bow and Meow cooperative

The Bow and Meow cooperative is a union of people who not only overcome limitations as a small company through collaboration, but also help the community and create a culture that grows together, so that they can contribute even a little for a better future generation.

7 principles of cooperatives 


Voluntary and open membership system

Democratic member control 

Member economic participation

Autonomy and independence

Education, Training and Information 

Cooperation among Cooperatives 

Concern for community

1. Voluntary and open membership system

2. Democratic member control 

3. Member economic participation 

4. Autonomy and independence

5. Education, Training and Information 

6. Cooperation among Cooperatives 

7. Concern for community

Cooperative activities 

business activities 



· Achievement of support project to revitalize collaboration for small business owners

Brand development, marketing, and network (homepage) production after the establishment of a cooperative


· Tundra detergent crowd funding (OmyCompany) - Gyeonggi-Ddabok Support Center

· 2017 Chuseok Package Product Selection and Sale - Gyeonggi-Ddabok Support Center

· documentary filming (Bow and Meow cooperative - OBS win win and challenge



· Korea Productivity Center's Cooperative Customized Product Improvement Project 

· 2018 Chuseok package product selection and sale-Gyeonggi-do Ddabok Support Center 

· Empathy Market-Entered Hanaro Mart in Changdong-Tundra detergent, OhMydoggi 

· Small business joint market business (social commerce) 

· Entered the social economy comprehensive shopping mall (SEPP) 

· ​HS barcode registration for Bow and Meow cooperative products



· Entered Ddabok Smart Store on channel

· KOTRA new export business

· Participated in Ilsan Mega Show-Sales promotion business for small businesses

· Participated in the Flea Market of Deposit Insurance Corporation

· Social Economy Support Project -Participation in Advanced Consulting Project-Ddabok Support Center

· 2019  Chuseok Package Product Selection and Sale-Gyeonggi-do Ddabok Support Center

· Small business cooperative sales promotion project-Participation in Wemakeprice for market development

· Crowdfunding-Entered Neo Spring

· Entered a shopping mall at the post office-Social Enterprise Promotion Agency

· Participated in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Zhengzhou, China overseas sales promotion

· Entered a post office shopping mall

· Participated in overseas export conference for social economy companies

· Entered the overseas shopping mall platform Shopee

· 2nd participation in the Flea Market of Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation

· How far have you sold Wemakeprice V-commerce Participated in promotional business

· Network - A project to establish a permanent sales center for the nationwide cooperative network



· Participation in small business collaboration activation project-Website revision project

· Participated in the joint market for small business cooperativeebrk

· Participated in Social Economy Center 2020 Integrated Fair

· Nairobi, Kenya branch office development

· Achieved first export performance in Nairobi, Kenya-Tundra kitchen and baby bottle detergent

Solidarity and community contribution activities



<Established a national cooperative network >

 · 2017 the advanced cooperative European tour team established for national solidarity 

(Achievements: Meeting at least 4 times a year to promote solidarity with the business-A total of 12 union companies )



<Joined Seongnam Cooperative Association >

 · Meeting for solidarity of cooperatives residing in Seongnam: Currently 58 union members 

(Achievements: Joint marketing business with cooperatives within the council from 2019, and promotion of a project to form a cooperative association between cooperatives in 2020 )

<Appointed as a member of the Hosanna University Animal Trafficking Management Advisory Committee >

· Business agreement-Create jobs for companion animals and create companion animal culture  with Corpotation 

(반려동물 일자리 창출 및 반려동물 문화 만들기)



<Happy Album Cooperative>

· Joint marketing business



<Participated in Seongnam Cooperative Association Research Workshop>

· Planning for companion animal playground, education, culture and job creation and consultation with local governments




· Seongnam City AMP Course

/Exploring advanced overseas cooperatives (Italy, France)


· Seongnam City Cooperative Capacity Building Workshop 

/Participation in management improvement training for small business owners

/Participated in training for small business owners to strengthen their marketing capabilities



· Online participation in support training for Shopee managers

/Participated in KOTRA export beginner training



<Marketing; E-Commerce A to Z Success - Wemakeprice Online Education Completion>

<Small and medium-sized distribution center one-increator training>

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